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Date Stock Signal Type
2020-07-13 CSV 20 DMA Resistance Bearish
2020-07-13 CSV Crossed Above 50 DMA Bullish
2020-07-13 CSV Shooting Star Candlestick Bearish
2020-07-13 CSV Doji - Bearish? Reversal
2020-07-13 STON Fell Below 50 DMA Bearish
2020-07-13 STON Non-ADX 1,2,3,4 Bearish Bearish Swing Setup
Related Industries: Personal Services

A grave is a location where a dead body (typically that of a human, although sometimes that of an animal) is buried. Graves are usually located in special areas set aside for the purpose of burial, such as graveyards or cemeteries.Certain details of a grave, such as the state of the body found within it and any objects found with the body, may provide information for archaeologists about how the body may have lived before its death, including the time period in which it lived and the culture that it had been a part of.
In some religions, it is believed that the body must be burned for the soul to survive; in others, the complete decomposition of the body is considered to be important for the rest of the soul (see bereavement).

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