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Date Stock Signal Type
2021-04-20 CLXT Hammer Candlestick Bullish
2021-04-20 SEED Fell Below 200 DMA Bearish
2021-04-20 SEED Expansion Breakdown Bearish Swing Setup
Related Industries: Farm Products

Biopesticides, a contraction of 'biological pesticides', include several types of pest management intervention: through predatory, parasitic, or chemical relationships. The term has been associated historically with biological control – and by implication – the manipulation of living organisms. Regulatory positions can be influenced by public perceptions, thus:

in the EU, biopesticides have been defined as "a form of pesticide based on micro-organisms or natural products".
the US EPA states that they "include naturally occurring substances that control pests (biochemical pesticides), microorganisms that control pests (microbial pesticides), and pesticidal substances produced by plants containing added genetic material (plant-incorporated protectants) or PIPs".They are obtained from organisms including plants, bacteria and other microbes, fungi, nematodes, etc. They are often important components of integrated pest management (IPM) programmes, and have received much practical attention as substitutes to synthetic chemical plant protection products (PPPs).

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