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How To Take Responsibility For Trading
over 1 year ago by Steve @ New Trader U

This is a guest post from Tino @tradersreality. This article originally appeared on and is reposted here with permission. Be proud of your losing trades…it shows everyone that you became aware of your mistakes and took decisive action to not repeat them. Then you can be proud of your winners. #ForexTrader #daytrading — Tino@tradersreality (@Tradersreality) […] The post How To Take Responsibility For Trading appeared first on New Trader U.

Apple Ahead Of Earnings
over 1 year ago by SA Most Popular


Thinly Traded Regional Bank With Significant Value
over 1 year ago by SA Editor's Picks

Freddie Mac: Mortgage Serious Delinquency Rate Increased Sharply in December
over 1 year ago by Bill McBride @ Calculated Risk

Freddie Mac reported that the Single-Family serious delinquency rate in December was 1.08%, up sharply from 0.95% in November. Freddie's rate is up from 1.00% in December 2016.Freddie's serious delinquency rate peaked in February 2010 at 4.20%. These are mortgage loans that are "three monthly payments or more past due or in foreclosure".  Click on graph for la...

Tuesday links: a potent stimulus
over 1 year ago by abnormalreturns @ Abnormal Returns

Review: Jerry Z. Muller in The Tyranny of Metrics highlights the hazards of ‘metric fixation.’ (Reading the Markets)

Real House Prices and Price-to-Rent Ratio in November
over 1 year ago by Bill McBride @ Calculated Risk

Here is the earlier post on Case-Shiller: Case-Shiller: National House Price Index increased 6.2% year-over-year in NovemberIt has been more than ten years since the bubble peak. In the Case-Shiller release this morning, the seasonally adjusted National Index (SA), was reported as being 6.4% above the previous bubble peak. However, in real terms, the National index (SA) is still about 11.6% below the bubble peak (and historically there has been an upward slope to real house prices).The year-over-year increase in prices is mostly moving sideways now around 6%. In November, the index was up 6.2% YoY.Usually people graph nominal house prices, but it is also important to look at prices in real terms (inflation adjusted).  Case-Shiller and others report nominal house prices.  As an example, if a house price was $200,000 in January...

Research links: a new regime
over 1 year ago by abnormalreturns @ Abnormal Returns

Tuesdays are all about academic (and practitioner) literature at Abnormal Returns. You can check out last week’s links including a piece in...

Biofrontera Seeks $30 Million U.S. IPO
over 1 year ago by SA IPO Analysis


HVS: Q4 2017 Homeownership and Vacancy Rates
over 1 year ago by Bill McBride @ Calculated Risk

The Census Bureau released the Residential Vacancies and Homeownership report for Q4 2017. This report is frequently mentioned by analysts and the media to track household formation, the homeownership rate, and the homeowner and rental vacancy rates.  However, there are serious questions about the accuracy of this survey.This survey might show the trend, but I wouldn't rely on the absolute numbers.  The Census Bureau is investigating the differences between the HVS, ACS and decennial Census, and analysts probably shouldn't use the HVS to estimate the excess vacant supply or household formation, or rely on the homeownership rate, except as a guide to the trend.<img alt="Homeownership ...

Strategy is Long Term Conjecture; Execution is Being In The Moment
over 1 year ago by Jeff Carter @ Points and Figures

There is a lot of talk about being present these days. Being present is about accepting situations as they are. We can control our thoughts. We can control our feelings. We can control our reactions to situations. Many times, we …

ISS Tells Investors How They Want to Vote
over 1 year ago by Matt Levine @ Bloomberg View

Also pari passu, KodakCoin and jackpots.

Behind The Idea: Papa Don't Preach (Podcast)
over 1 year ago by SA Editor's Picks


Kodak: White Paper On KODAKOne And KODAKCoin
over 1 year ago by SA Editor's Picks