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TRADING COACH PODCAST 259 - How Much DOes It Cost to Win
4 days ago by Akil Stokes @ Trading Coach Podcast

As people, we are all different, so it shouldn't come to any surprise that our trading will be as well. Today's episode talks about the importance of finding YOUR style as well as explaining why you have to be comfortable with losing if you ever want to win. Please remember to rate & review this podcast on iTunes & don't forget to join our new TCP Facebook Group for more discussion on this topic. - Also for more free trading tips make sure you check out our Ascension Webinar & Trade To Measure 4-Day Workshop -

The Wall Street Noise Machine
4 days ago by Tom Bruni @ All Star Charts

From the desk of Tom Bruni @BruniCharting In March I wrote a blog post explaining why I don’t consume traditional media and the value I find in tuning out “the noise.” I got a lot of great feedback on that post and feel that it’s a lesson worth reiterating every once in a while, so […] The post The Wall Street Noise Machine appeared first on All Star Charts.


Saudi Aramco: IPO Ahead
4 days ago by SA IPO Analysis

Ep. 815: Mark Minervini Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio
4 days ago by Trend Following Radio

Mark Minervini Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio.

Friday: Retail Sales, NY Fed Mfg, Industrial Production
4 days ago by Calculated Risk @ Calculated Risk

Friday:• At 8:30 AM ET, Retail sales for October will be released.  The consensus is for a 0.2% increase in retail sales.• Also at 8:30 AM, The New York Fed Empire State manufacturing survey for November. The consensus is for a reading of 5.0, up from 4.0.• At 9:15 AM, The Fed will release Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization for October. The consensus is for a 0.4% decrease in Industrial Production, and for Capacity Utilization to decrease to 77.2%.

Stop Losses for Beginners (11.14) | WealthWise Women
4 days ago by StockCharts @ YouTube Channel

How do you preserve gains and limit your losses? A great trading plan and using stops can assist you! Erin and Mary Ellen explain what stops are, what are the various types as well as the advantages and disadvantages. Follow along as Mary Ellen demonstrates how she uses them and Erin showed how she would set them on real time examples.

Conversation with Jeff Hirsch (11.14) | David Keller, CMT | The Final Bar
4 days ago by StockCharts @ YouTube Channel

Today we feature a conversation with Jeff Hirsch, editor-in-chief of the Stock Trader's Almanac.

Care to Comment? How Brands Can Use Social Media to Positively Engage Customers
4 days ago by Consumer Insights Research Team @ Gartner L2

Some social media platforms are limiting comments in order to protect users from negativity. But users actually like the comments. How can social marketers use comments to create a positive social environment?

US Stocks, Gold and Open Mic! | Larry Williams | Real Trading
4 days ago by StockCharts @ YouTube Channel

Episode 7 Larry's "Great Growth Stock" this week is "Brad's Drink" i.e. Pepsi Hear his take on Pepsi, DIS, CPER, LC,Bitcoin,

4 days ago by Akil Stokes @ Trading Coach Podcast

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A Sweet Retreat
4 days ago by Mackenzie Baker @ Gartner L2

Nutella’s pop-up hotel is what hazelnut-chocolate dreams are made of.

Looking back: "The Cupboard is Full"
4 days ago by Calculated Risk @ Calculated Risk

Three years ago I wrote The Cupboard is Full "The bottom line is the cupboard is full. The expansion should continue for some time."This is one in a series of post in late 2016 - post election - explaining why I thought the expansion should continue, even though I was extremely disappointed about the outcome of the election.I'm still not on recession watch, but the cupboard isn't quite as full (I'll have more to say on this in the coming weeks).

IPO Update: Canaan Lowers U.S. IPO Expectations
4 days ago by SA IPO Analysis

Thursday links: paying the bills
4 days ago by abnormalreturns @ Abnormal Returns

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The Next Amazon Web Services Is Already on the Road, in the Air, and on the Rails
4 days ago by Oweise Khazi @ Gartner L2

It’s no secret that Amazon has helped lay the groundwork for e-commerce. However, its offline business has left more questions than answers.

Dow Jones Leads on Disney Strength | Tom Bowley | Trading Places
4 days ago by StockCharts @ YouTube Channel

Tom analyzes the breakouts in Walt Disney (DIS) and Walmart (WMT) that powered the Dow Jones to yet another all-time high. He shared why the relative strength in defensive sectors could be ignored and provided BUY/SELL signals on the FAANG stocks.