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Investor's Business Daily / CANSLIM Stock Scans
These scans find basing patterns made popular by CANSLIM / Investor's Business Daily. Lots of CANSLIM followers look for breakouts from these patterns, especially the Cup with Handle.
Name Description
Cup with Handle

This finds which have formed Cup-with-Handle patterns which are at least 8 weeks long and at most 9 months long.  The beginning, or left side, of cup has to start after a rally of at least 30%.

Then a 20% to 30% correction from the old high (left side cup edge) must occurs.  The stock then builds a rounded base which slowly climbs back toward the old high  The right edge of the cup must be at most 15% below the left edge (the old high).  Then a slight pullback occurs which forms the handle.

The handle can be a minimum of 1 week long & max of 6 weeks in duration. It must aslo form within the top half of the cup and be within 15% of the left side top of the cup.

The official / traditional buy point is when & if the stock rises above the RIGHT edge of the cup on higher than average volume.

Three Weeks Tight Stocks which formed a Three Weeks Tight Pattern