Stocks in the Cyclical Consumer Goods & Services Sector

Symbol Grade Industry
AAN Computer & Electronics Retailers
AAP Automotive Parts & Accessories Retailers
ABG Auto Vehicles, Parts & Service Retailers
ADNT Auto & Truck Manufacturers
ADOM Engine & Powertrain Systems
AEO Apparel & Accessories Retailers
AFI Flooring & Interior Tile Manufacturers
AHC Newspaper Publishing
AIN Fabric Dyeing & Finishing
ALV Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts
AMC Movie Theaters & Movie Products
AMCN Outdoor Advertising
AMCX Television Broadcasting
AMWD Kitchen Cabinets
AMZN Internet & Mail Order Department Stores
AN Auto Vehicles, Parts & Service Retailers
ANF Apparel & Accessories Retailers
APOG Construction Supplies & Fixtures
ARCI Furniture Retailers
ARCO Quick Service Restaurants
ARKR Restaurants & Bars
ARMK Commercial Food Services
ASNA Apparel & Accessories Retailers
ASPN Construction Supplies
ATV Mobile Phone Retailers
AUTO Advertising & Marketing
AXL Engine & Powertrain Systems
AYI Lighting Fixtures
AZO Auto Vehicles, Parts & Service Retailers
BATRA Broadcasting
BATRK Broadcasting
BBBY Home Furnishings Retailers
BBGI Radio Broadcasting
BBW Toys & Games Retailers
BBY Computer & Electronics Retailers
BC Recreational Products
BDL Theatres & Performing Arts
BECN Construction Supplies & Fixtures Wholesale
BEL Hotels & Motels
BGFV Sporting Goods Stores
BGG Engine & Powertrain Systems
BGI Jewelry
BH Restaurants & Bars
BID Antique Dealers
BIG Discount Stores
BJRI Commercial Food Services
BKE Apparel & Accessories Retailers
BKNG Travel Agents
BKS Book & Magazine Retailers
BLDR Construction Supplies & Fixtures
BLMN Restaurants & Bars
BNED Other Specialty Retailers
BOJA Restaurants & Bars
BOMN Advertising & Marketing
BOOT Footwear Retailers
BSET Furniture
BTN Entertainment Production Equipment & Services
BURG Commercial Food Services
BURL Discount Stores
BWA Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts
BWL.A Leisure & Recreation
BYD Casinos & Gaming
BZH Homebuilding
CAAS Automotive Systems
CABO Cable Service Providers
CAKE Commercial Food Services
CAL Footwear
CATO Women's Apparel Retailers
CBK Women's Apparel Retailers
CBPX Construction Supplies & Fixtures
CBRL Restaurants & Bars
CBS Broadcasting
CBS.A Broadcasting
CCCL Flooring & Interior Tile Manufacturers
CCL Cruise Lines
CCO Outdoor Advertising
CDTI Engine & Powertrain Systems
CETV Broadcasting
CHDN Casinos & Gaming
CHH Hotels & Motels
CHKE Branding & Naming
CHS Women's Apparel Retailers
CHUY Restaurants & Bars
CIDM Entertainment Production
CIX Furniture
CLAR Sporting & Outdoor Goods
CLUB Gyms, Fitness and Spa Centers
CMCSA Broadcasting
CMG Quick Service Restaurants
CMI Construction Supplies & Fixtures
CNK Movie Theaters & Movie Products
CNTY Casinos
COLM Apparel & Accessories
CONN Consumer Electronics Retailers
COST Discount Stores
CPHC Casinos & Gaming
CPRI Apparel & Accessories Retailers
CPRT Used Car Dealers
CPS Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts
CRI Apparel & Accessories Retailers
CRMT Used Car Dealers
CROX Footwear
CRTO Advertising & Marketing
CRWS Juvenile Furniture
CSS Gift, Novelty & Souvenir Stores
CSSE Entertainment Production
CSTE Kitchen Cabinets
CTB Tire & Tube Manufacturers
CTHR Jewelry
CTIB Tires & Rubber Products
CTRC Apparel & Accessories
CTRN Apparel & Accessories Retailers
CTRP Travel Agents
CUK Cruise Lines
CULP Textiles & Leather Goods
CVCO Prefabricated Homes
CVGI Automotive Body Parts
CVNA Used Car Dealers
CWH Auto Vehicles, Parts & Service Retailers
CXDC Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts
CYD Engine & Powertrain Systems
CZR Casinos & Gaming
DAN Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts
DAVE Commercial Food Services
DDE Casinos & Gaming
DDS Retail - Department Stores
DECK Footwear
DENN Restaurants & Bars
DESP Travel Agents
DEST Women's Clothing
DFRG Restaurants & Bars
DG Discount Stores
DGSE Jewelry
DHI Homebuilding
DHXM Entertainment Production
DIN Restaurants & Bars
DIS Broadcasting
DISCA Television Broadcasting
DISCB Television Broadcasting
DISCK Television Broadcasting
DISH Cable Service Providers
DJCO Newspaper Publishing
DKS Sporting Goods Stores
DLA Apparel & Accessories
DLB Entertainment Production
DLPH Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts
DLTH Apparel & Accessories
DLTR Discount Stores without groceries
DNKN Cafés
DOOR Doors & Window Frames
DORM Engine & Powertrain Systems
DPZ Quick Service Restaurants
DRI Restaurants & Bars
DSW Footwear Retailers
DVD Professional Sports Venues
DXF Apparel & Accessories
DXLG Men's Apparel Retailers
DXYN Carpets & Curtains
EAT Commercial Food Services
EDUC Book Publishing
EFOI Lighting Fixtures
ELF Beauty Supply Shop
ELY Sporting & Outdoor Goods
EMMS Radio Broadcasting
ENT Broadcasting
ERI Casinos & Gaming
EROS Entertainment Production
ESCA Sporting & Outdoor Goods
ETH Furniture
ETM Radio Broadcasting
ETSY Department Stores
EVC Television Broadcasting
EVK Apparel & Accessories
EVLV Other Specialty Retailers
EXPE Travel Agents
EXPR Apparel & Accessories Retailers
EYE Optical Goods Stores
F Auto & Truck Manufacturers
FBHS Construction Supplies & Fixtures
FBM Construction Supplies & Fixtures
FENG Broadcasting
FIVE Department Stores
FL Apparel & Accessories Retailers
FLL Hotels & Motels
FLWS Florists
FLXS Furniture
FND Builder Merchants
FNKO Dolls & Stuffed Toys
FORD Handbags & Luggage
FORK Cutlery & Flatware
FORR Market Research
FOSL Watches
FOX Entertainment Production
FOXA Entertainment Production
FOXF Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts
FRAN Apparel & Accessories Retailers
FRED Discount Stores with groceries
FRGI Restaurants & Bars
FRSH Quick Service Restaurants
FTD Florists
FUN Amusement Parks and Zoos
FUV Motorcycles & Scooters
GAIA Other Specialty Retailers
GCI Consumer Publishing
GCO Apparel & Accessories Retailers
GDEN Casinos & Gaming
GES Apparel & Accessories Retailers
GFF Construction Supplies & Fixtures
GIII Apparel & Accessories
GIL Apparel & Accessories
GM Auto & Truck Manufacturers
GME Computer Hardware & Software Retailers
GNTX Automotive Accessories
GNUS Music, Music Video Production & Distribution
GOLF Sporting & Outdoor Goods
GPC Auto & Truck Parts Wholesale
GPI New Car Dealers
GPIC Gambling & Gaming Machine Manufacturers
GPS Apparel & Accessories Retailers
GRBK Homebuilding
GRIF Nursery & Garden Centers
GRPN Internet & Mail Order Discount Stores
GT Tires & Rubber Products
GTIM Restaurants & Bars
GTN Broadcasting
GTN.A Broadcasting
H Hotels, Motels & Cruise Lines
HABT Restaurants & Bars
HAS Toys & Juvenile Products
HBB Consumer Electronics Retailers
HBI Apparel & Accessories
HD Home Improvement Products & Services Retailers
HELE Tools & Housewares
HGV Hotels, Motels & Cruise Lines
HHS Marketing Consulting Services
HIBB Sports & Outdoors Retailers
HLT Hotels, Motels & Cruise Lines
HMC Auto & Truck Manufacturers
HMTV Cable Service Providers
HOFT Furniture
HOG Motorcycles & Scooters
HOME Home Furnishings Retailers
HOV Residential Builders - Single Homes
HTHT Hotels, Motels & Cruise Lines
HVT Home Furnishings Retailers
HVT.A Home Furnishings Retailers
HZN Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts
HZO Recreational Products
IBP Construction Supplies & Fixtures
ICON Apparel & Accessories
IDEX Cable Service Providers
IHG Hotels, Motels & Cruise Lines
IMAX Movie Theaters & Movie Products
IPG Advertising & Marketing
ISCA Professional Sports Venues
ISIG Advertising Agency
JACK Quick Service Restaurants
JAKK Games, Toys & Children Vehicles
JAX Restaurants & Bars
JCP Department Stores
JELD Doors & Window Frames
JILL Women's Apparel Retailers
JOUT Sporting & Outdoor Goods
JWN Retail - Department Stores
KAR Used Car Dealers
KBH Homebuilding
KGJI Jewelry
KIRK Gift, Novelty & Souvenir Stores
KMX New Car Dealers
KNDI Electrical (Alternative) Vehicles
KONA Restaurants & Bars
KSS Retail - Department Stores
LAD New Car Dealers
LAKE Apparel & Accessories
LB Apparel & Accessories Retailers
LBRDA Cable Service Providers
LBRDK Cable Service Providers
LBY Appliances, Tools & Housewares
LCII Recreational Products
LCUT Tools & Housewares
LE Apparel & Accessories Retailers
LEA Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts
LEE Newspaper Publishing
LEG Home Furnishings
LEN Residential Builders - Single Homes
LEN.B Residential Builders - Single Homes
LGIH Homebuilding
LITB Internet & Mail Order Department Stores
LKQ Auto & Truck Parts Wholesale
LL Home Improvement Products & Services Retailers
LOCO Restaurants & Bars
LOW Home Improvement Products & Services Retailers
LSXMA Broadcasting
LSXMB Broadcasting
LSXMK Broadcasting
LUB Restaurants & Bars
LULU Apparel & Accessories
LVS Casinos
LYTS Lighting Fixtures
LYV Entertainment Production Equipment & Services
LZB Furniture
M Retail - Department Stores
MANU Leisure & Recreation
MAR Hotels, Motels & Cruise Lines
MAS Construction Supplies & Fixtures
MAT Toys & Juvenile Products
MBUU Sailing Yachts & Motorboats
MCD Quick Service Restaurants
MCHX Advertising & Marketing
MCRI Casinos
MCS Hotels & Motels
MDC Residential Builders - Single Homes
MDCA Advertising & Marketing
MDP Magazine Publishing
MGA Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts
MGM Casinos
MHK Carpets & Curtains
MHO Residential Builders - Single Homes
MIDD Appliances, Tools & Housewares
MIK Other Specialty Retailers
MLCO Casinos & Gaming
MLR Automotive Body Parts
MMYT Leisure & Recreation
MNI Consumer Publishing
MNRO Auto Vehicles, Parts & Service Retailers
MOD Engine & Powertrain Systems
MOV Watches
MPAA Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts
MPX Sailing Yachts & Motorboats
MSG Movie, TV Production & Distribution
MSGN Movie, TV Production & Distribution
MTH Residential Builders - Single Homes
MTN Adventure Sports Facilities & Ski Resorts
NAKD Apparel & Accessories
NATH Restaurants & Bars
NC Appliances, Tools & Housewares
NCLH Cruise Lines
NCMI Advertising Agency
NDLS Quick Service Restaurants
NETS Internet & Mail Order Department Stores
NEWM Consumer Publishing
NGVC Health Food Stores
NKE Sports & Outdoor Footwear
NTN Television Broadcasting
NTZ Furniture
NVFY Furniture
NVR Residential Builders - Single Homes
NWHM Homebuilding
NWL Appliances, Tools & Housewares
NWS Newspaper Publishing
NWSA Newspaper Publishing
NX Construction Supplies & Fixtures
NXST Television Broadcasting
NYNY Casinos & Gaming
NYT Newspaper Publishing
OC Construction Supplies
ODP Office Supplies & Stationery Stores
OESX Lighting Fixtures
OLLI Other Specialty Retailers
OMC Advertising & Marketing
ORLY Automotive Parts & Accessories Retailers
OUT Outdoor Advertising
OXM Men's Clothing
P Radio Broadcasting
PAG Auto Vehicles, Parts & Service Retailers
PATK Doors & Window Frames
PBPB Restaurants & Bars
PCMI Computer & Electronics Retailers
PENN Casinos
PGTI Doors & Window Frames
PHM Homebuilding
PICO Homebuilding
PII Recreational Products
PIR Home Furnishings Retailers
PLCE Children & Infants Clothing Retailers
PLNT Gyms, Fitness and Spa Centers
PLYA Resort Operators
POOL Leisure Products Wholesale
PRTS Automotive Parts & Accessories Retailers
PRTY Other Specialty Retailers
PSMT Discount Stores without groceries
PSO Consumer Publishing
PVH Apparel & Accessories
PZZA Restaurants & Bars
QNST Direct Marketing
QRTEA Internet & Mail Order Department Stores
QRTEB Internet & Mail Order Department Stores
QSR Restaurants & Bars
QUOT Sales Promotions & Events Management
RAVE Restaurants & Bars
RCII Other Specialty Retailers
RCKY Men's Footwear
RCL Cruise Lines
RDI Leisure & Recreation
RDIB Leisure & Recreation
REFR Lighting Fixtures
REVG Auto & Truck Manufacturers
RGR Sporting & Outdoor Goods
RH Home Furnishings Retailers
RL Apparel & Accessories
RLH Hotels & Motels
ROKU Entertainment Production Equipment & Services
ROST Apparel & Accessories Retailers
RRGB Quick Service Restaurants
RRR Casinos & Gaming
RTW Women's Apparel Retailers
RUSHA New Car Dealers
RUSHB New Car Dealers
RUTH Commercial Food Services
SAH Auto Vehicles, Parts & Service Retailers
SALM Radio Broadcasting
SAUC Restaurants & Bars
SBGI Broadcasting
SBH Other Specialty Retailers
SBUX Restaurants & Bars
SCHL Book Publishing
SCVL Footwear Retailers
SEAS Amusement Parks and Zoos
SFLY Gift, Novelty & Souvenir Stores
SGA Radio Broadcasting
SGC Men's Clothing
SGMS Gambling & Gaming Machine Manufacturers
SGRP Advertising & Marketing
SHAK Restaurants & Bars
SHLO Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts
SHOO Women's Footwear
SHOS Retail - Department Stores
SIG Jewelry & Watch Retailers
SIX Amusement Parks and Zoos
SKIS Resort Operators
SKX Men's Footwear
SMP Automotive Body Parts
SMRT Apparel & Accessories Retailers
SNBR Furniture
SORL Automotive Systems
SPAR Automobiles & Multi Utility Vehicles
SPB Appliances, Tools & Housewares
SPWH Sports & Outdoors Retailers
SQBG Apparel & Accessories Retailers
SRAX Advertising & Marketing
SRI Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts
SSD Construction Supplies & Fixtures
SSI Apparel & Accessories Retailers
SSP Television Broadcasting
SSY Household Appliances
STAY Hotels & Motels
STKS Restaurants & Bars
STMP Other Specialty Retailers
STRT Engine & Powertrain Systems
SUMR Toys & Juvenile Products
SUP Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts
SVT Engine & Powertrain Systems
SYPR Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts
SYX Computer & Electronics Retailers
TACO Quick Service Restaurants
TAST Quick Service Restaurants
TCS Other Specialty Retailers
TECD Computer & Electronics Retailers
TEN Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts
TGNA Television Broadcasting
TGT Discount Stores
THO Recreational Products
THRM Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts
TIF Jewelry & Watch Retailers
TILE Carpets & Curtains
TIVO Broadcasting
TJX Discount Stores without groceries
TLF Leather Goods
TLRD Men's Apparel Retailers
TLYS Apparel & Accessories Retailers
TM Auto & Truck Manufacturers
TMHC Homebuilding
TOL Homebuilding
TOUR Travel Agents
TOWR Automotive Systems
TPCO Newspaper Publishing
TPH Residential Builders - Single Homes
TPR Handbags & Luggage Retailers
TPX Furniture
TRCO Broadcasting
TREX Construction Supplies & Fixtures
TRIP Travel Agents
TRK Professional Sports Venues
TSCO Other Specialty Retailers
TSLA Electrical (Alternative) Vehicles
TSQ Radio Broadcasting
TTM Auto & Truck Manufacturers
TTWO Toys & Juvenile Products
TUES Discount Stores without groceries
TUP Appliances, Tools & Housewares
TVPT Travel Agents
TWI Motorcycle Parts & Accessories
TWMC Book & Magazine Retailers
TXRH Commercial Food Services
TZOO Travel Agents
UA Apparel & Accessories
UAA Apparel & Accessories
UFI Yarn Goods
ULTA Beauty Supply Shop
UONE Broadcasting
URBN Apparel & Accessories Retailers
USLM Lighting Fixtures
UWN Casinos
VAC Hotels, Motels & Cruise Lines
VC Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts
VFC Apparel & Accessories
VIA Entertainment Production
VIAB Entertainment Production
VIPS Discount Stores
VMI Construction Supplies & Fixtures
VNCE Apparel & Accessories
VOXX Automotive Parts & Accessories Retailers
VRA Handbags & Luggage
VSI Health Food Stores
VSTO Recreational Products
VVI Sales Promotions & Events Management
W Internet & Mail Order Department Stores
WBAI Lottery Operators
WEN Quick Service Restaurants
WEYS Men's Footwear
WGO Recreational Products
WHR Household Appliances
WINA Other Specialty Retailers
WING Quick Service Restaurants
WKHS Auto & Truck Manufacturers
WLH Residential Builders - Single Homes
WMS Plumbing Fixtures & Fittings
WOW Cable Service Providers
WPRT Engine & Powertrain Systems
WSM Home Furnishings Retailers
WWE Entertainment Production
WWW Men's Footwear
WYND Hotels, Motels & Cruise Lines
WYNN Casinos
XELB Apparel & Accessories Retailers
YOGA Gyms, Fitness and Spa Centers
YTRA Travel Agents
YUM Quick Service Restaurants
YUMC Quick Service Restaurants
ZKIN Plumbing Fixtures & Fittings
ZUMZ Men's Apparel Retailers