Trader Mike's Notes

  • MKSI - MKS Instruments, Inc.

    A lot to like about MKSI right now. See the annotated chart attached

  • MCHP - Microchip Technology Incorporated

    I really like the action here -- an orderly pullback which is creating many bullish alerts. Earnings are next week though, so I'll have to just watch for now.

  • PI - Impinj, Inc.


    another "Hot IPO Pullback"... I like the range and volume contraction over the last few days.

  • STOR - STORE Capital Corporation

    Here's another recent IPO (a la PEN) shooting to a new high after coming out of a Bollinger Band Squeeze

  • PEN - Penumbra, Inc.


    this recent IPO is surging to new all-time highs... earnings are due soon though

  • TVTY - Tivity Health, Inc.

    strong move today which finally lifted it above the huge gap down from a year ago. Adding to a watchlist...

  • GRUB - GrubHub Inc.

    Impressive breakout today. I won't chase it but I'm putting it on a watchlist.

  • ROST - Ross Stores, Inc.

    A lot of retailers on the Expansion Breakout scan today. Also see M, SHLD, JWN, DDS, TGT, AEO...

  • ISRG - Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

    filled its post-earnings gap and is trying to bounce. Disclaimer: I've been long ISRG for several months now.

  • FTFT - Future FinTech Group Inc.

    This is *really* extended. The very brave may want to short it

  • LITE - Lumentum Holdings Inc.

    This "fiber optics technology vendor" broke out to a new all-time high today on a very bullish analyst report...

  • CPRT - Copart, Inc.

    This has been testing $50 for almost two months now. Finally closed above it but it's not quite free of congestion yet. Looks ready to breakout if the market remains strong.

  • SAGE - Sage Therapeutics, Inc.

    one of my Calm After the Storm setups... lots of overhead resistance though and earnings are coming in a couple of weeks, so I'll have to leave this one alone

  • ACIA - Acacia Communications, Inc.

    Great example of a Bollinger Bank Walk up the upper band. This is now up over 81% from the Brexit low 16 days ago when it bounced off the lower band.

  • OPTT - Ocean Power Technologies, Inc.

    A wild ride in this of late. Just watching for now

  • VMW - Vmware, Inc.


    finally surpassed its gap from October 2015. Still lots of overhead resistance though. Adding to my watchlist to see what it does once it's back inside of its Bollinger Bands

  • SSTK - Shutterstock, Inc.

    Nice combination of "1,2,3 Pullback Bullish" and range contraction alerts recently. Consolidating nicely for 3 days now after giving back about 50% of its latest pop. Watching for a breakout above the 3-day high..

  • LN - LINE Corporation


    3rd day in a row of "Hot IPO Pullbacks". Let's see if this can make its first higher high on a daily basis.

  • TWLO - Twilio Inc.

    Filling its gap from last week