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151 – Leveraging human behaviour to find quantifiable edges – Larry Connors
11 months ago by Andrew Swanscott @ Better System Trader

As Warren Buffet once said: “the stock market is a manic depressive.” The market can be full of euphoria and greed one moment, and switch to fear and panic the next. This can often be a time of danger and high-risk for some traders, but for other traders it’s a time of immense opportunity. How?...The post 151 – Leveraging human behaviour to find quantifiable edges – Larry Connors appeared first on Better System Trader.

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to Me: Reflecting Forward.
11 months ago by Chicago Sean

Some good insights from a trader with 20 years of experience

Stocks Go Red, What Do You Do Now?
over 1 year ago by Investors Business Daily

No need to panic, it’s just a market correction. Here’s how you prepare for the next uptrend.

Chat With Traders: Short hype stocks, long farmland w/ Phil Goedeker, @OzarkTrades
over 1 year ago by

This guy makes a killing shorting "flying pigs". I didn't think he did a good job explaining the details of how he identifies entries or his risk management. Maybe he was holding back the "secret sauce"

Ep. 632: The Machines Will Kill Us with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio
over 1 year ago by Trend Following Radio

Michael Covel tackles Wall Street's new volatility and the blame of machines.

(Un)Steady as She Goes: 2018 Investment Outlook
over 1 year ago by

The U.S. is in its second-longest equity bull market in the post WWII-era, at nearly nine years. Can financial markets continue on their upward course, or is the recent volatility a sign that bearish conditions are on their way? Sharmin Mossavar-Rahmani, chief investment officer of the Goldman Sachs Investment Strategy Group, discusses her team’s 2018 investment outlook, titled (Un)Steady as She Goes, and explains its recommendation that clients stay invested in equities in the year ahead.

TDI Podcast: Decrypting Crypto Charts with Brian Shannon (#545)
over 1 year ago by The Disciplined Investor (The Discipl... @ The Disciplined Investor

In this episode, Brian Shannon of AlphaTrends.net provides valuable insights into trading crytptocurrencies. We talk about some of his favorite setups, indicators and what coins to focus on. As Brian has always said, “it is only price that pays” and this goes for trends with cryptocurrencies as well. We talk Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum. […]

A Guide to Trading with Stochastic Indicators
over 1 year ago by New Trader U

How to avoid foreseeable blind spots
over 1 year ago by Michael Martin @ MartinKronicle

Sometimes the best trades are the ones that you don't enter.

How to Get the Most From Your Trading Practice
over 1 year ago by Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. @ TraderFeed

An excellent post from NewTraderU and written by Colibri Trader explains how 10,000 hours of practice typically goes into the creation of expertise.  As the post makes clear, there is a world of difference between repeated experience and pract...

Ep. 616: Bitcoin, Trend Following and Taking Losses with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio
over 1 year ago by Trend Following Radio

Cryptocurrency is sweeping the world. From taxi drivers to Instagram bikini models – everyone is talking about getting rich off it. Millions of people are willing to jump on board immediately–whether it’s a good or bad idea. Building off that thought… Michael recently posted this question to listeners: “You have a trading strategy that you have tested over and over but you lose 5% the first year using it, what conclusions do you draw from that?” He reads feedback from listeners who are willing to throw their strategy away after having one down period. Warren Buffett, however, has famously said that if you cannot afford to lose 50% of your portfolio then you shouldn’t be trading – what do you think he would say about a mere 5%? Michael finishes the podcast reaching back into his archives and pulling some trading rules from past trading legends. He calls this list his “43 Kickass Trading Rules for Bitcoin and Crypto Trading.” In this episode of Trend Fo...

Tis The Season To Look For Fresh Breakouts
over 1 year ago by Greg Schnell @ StockCharts.com

Some winners from this fall included the auto sector in September. They might not all rally, but it is nice when a whole industry group surges together. The Chartwatchers article on December 2nd, 2017 had metal miners highlighted and I continue to think that group of stocks looks to be

The Best Traders Have This One Common Trait And They Never Waver
over 1 year ago by John Hopkins @ StockCharts.com

This may sound way too easy, but successful traders manage risk.  They don't care about losing money on trades that don't work.  They exit those trades and put their capital to work in a better trade.  Many trading services will try to WOW you with a splashy headline like "50 winning trades in a row"!  While that would certainly be a recipe for trading success, it's simply

What you need to consider before trading cryptocurrencies
over 1 year ago by Michael Martin @ MartinKronicle

It's the system stupid. I have not traded bitcoin futures and I won't be in the near term. There is not enough data and I don't know who has basis risk. It seems like the market is dominated by speculators and not hedgers, and they are heavily biased long.When the market is lop-sided and fickle, it makes for a poor trading environment. That's why I'm invested and not trading at this point. It's too easy to lose money...and that's going to happen even when I'm trading well...

Why We Are Obsessed with Bitcoin
over 1 year ago by Zack's Market Edge Podcast

TDI Podcast: Harry Dent on Zero Hour (#538)
over 1 year ago by The Disciplined Investor (The Discipl... @ The Disciplined Investor

Guest, Harry Dent is adamant that a major market correction is coming. He lays out his research and provides what he believes will be the catalyst to a global crash. Now that Bitcoin futures are trading, what will be the reaction in the cryptocurrency world? We have some of the possible outcomes outlined. Economics are […]

Top 10 Trading Tweets: Week 12/15/17
over 1 year ago by Steve @ New Trader U

It is not that technical analysis doesn't work in crypto-currencies, it is that things happen faster. — John Bollinger (@bbands) December 14, 2017 What is happening right now? pic.twitter.com/V291oGO5JD — StockCats (@StockCats) December 14, 2017 The @FBI sold the 144,336 bitcoins its confiscated from Silk Road for $48 million. They would now be worth $2.4 […]The post Top 10 Trading Tweets: Week 12/15/17 appeared first on New Trader U.

How AI Will Invade Every Corner of Wall Street
over 1 year ago by Bloomberg

Machine learning, with its prowess in producing insights from data, is poised to have a hand in 99 percent of investing, CEO says.

Trading Psychology Challenges - 8: Complacency and Overconfidence
over 1 year ago by Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. @ TraderFeed

Unless you as a trader operate with a consistently high hit rate on your trades--far and away the exception in directional trading--then you're likely to experience sequences of winning and losing periods simply as a chance occurrence.  The noisiness of markets, which means the presence of flows from different participants at different times, ensures that ...

Learn to avoid price targets to explode your equity
over 1 year ago by Michael Martin @ MartinKronicle

Subverting your ego is good for your trading. Price targets cut your profits at the exact moment you should be either adding to your winners or just letting them run. Let the market tell you when the move is over.  Price targets are about predicting the future and human beings are horrible at prediction at best. Read Expert Political Judgment by Phil Tetlock […]

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