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Stocks Making: Expansion Pivot Buy Setup on

Rules (via 'Hit & Run Trading'):
  • Today's trading range must be greater than the daily range of the past nine trading sessions.
  • Either yesterday or today, the stock is trading at or below the 50-day moving average and explodes higher.
  • Tomorrow buy 10 cents above the explosion-day high.
  • Our initial protective stop is 1 point below the explosion day's close.
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    Symbol Grade Close % Change Volume Vol Surge
    CWST 44.02 3.70 613,800 2.20
    AKCA 20.64 8.18 560,900 1.90
    COP 59.36 3.83 10,034,645 1.52
    AMEH 17.54 8.47 390,500 1.50
    WDAY 172.56 3.40 2,669,400 1.34
    SLB 36.14 5.33 15,695,575 1.29
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