Recent News for EGF - Blackrock Enhanced Government Fund, Inc.

Date Title
May 16 China cuts its U.S. government debt stockpile to two-year low
May 14 Fed's Williams sees rising inflation, low interest rates
Apr 10 FOMC minutes show target range could shift "in either direction"
Apr 5 Fed likely to stay patient after jobs report: analysts
Apr 4 New York Fed's Williams outlines "new normal"
Apr 3 BlackRock declares monthly distribution on Taxable funds
Mar 21 The Fed Is Still A Threat To The Markets
Mar 18 Looking ahead to the Fed meeting
Mar 18 Startups aim for a piece of Treasurys trading
Mar 6 Fed's Williams sees "new normal" GDP growth ~2%
Mar 4 Markets don't seem worried by MMT, for now
Feb 15 China increased U.S. government debt holdings in December
Feb 5 BlackRock declares monthly distribution on funds
Jan 28 Treasuries rise, shrugging off debt auction effect
Jan 28 Government shutdown to cut Q1 GDP by 0.2%, CBO says
Jan 28 U.S. Treasury set to issue $1T of debt for second year: Bloomberg
Jan 14 Fed's rate hikes aren't slowing the economy, Clarida says
Jan 14 Yellen: "Very possible" Fed's rate hikes are over
Jan 11 Fed debates bond portfolio size, composition
Jan 10 Fed's Powell stresses that FOMC is waiting, watching and flexible
Jan 9 Certain BlackRock Closed-End Funds Announce Estimated Sources of Distributions
Jan 9 Fed can afford to be patient on further policy firming: FOMC minutes
Jan 9 Fitch warns on U.S. AAA-rating
Dec 31 BlackRock Closed-End Funds Announce Addition to Boards of Directors/Trustees
Dec 20 5-Year TIPS Reopening Gets Real Yield Of 1.129%, Highest In Nearly 10 Years

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